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Application of industrial endoscope in Aeroengine bore detection Full-time Job

Mar 10th, 2022 at 08:40   Engineering   Bedelē   92 views
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Application of industrial endoscope in Aeroengine bore detection

As a more convenient way of travel, civil aviation has been widely accepted and has become one of the most important means of transportation for modern people's business and travel. At the same time, aviation safety has always attracted people's attention. As the "heart" of the aircraft, aero engines are closely related to aviation safety. Nowadays, there are various non-destructive testing tools for testing and repairing it. The use of industrial endoscope for hole detection is one of the routine tasks. It does not need to disassemble and destroy the engine structure, and can perform efficient testing. Accident prevention plays an important role.


The working environment of civil aviation engines is very harsh, under high temperature and high pressure for a long time, the internal temperature is as high as 2000 , so if the potential safety hazards are not eliminated in time, it may cause serious consequences. It is necessary to use videoscopes for regular non-destructive testing. So what aspects of the industrial videoscope can be used for inspection? Mainly in the following aspects:

1. Compressor inspection.

2. Detection of combustion chamber components.

3. Turbine blade inspection.


Check the compressor and turbine internal blades for flaws, cracks, incompleteness, etc., and check the internal damage of the combustion chamber. If necessary, it is necessary to accurately measure the size of the defect to formulate corresponding countermeasures.

Hole inspection through the endoscope can quickly and timely find the internal structural damage of the engine, continue to track and evaluate the expansion of the damage, avoid greater damage, effectively reduce the maintenance cost of the engine, and fully save the maintenance downtime. Of course, at the same time, engine hole inspection is also a complex task, and its accuracy is closely related to the operational level, work experience, theoretical knowledge and other qualities of the inspectors. Therefore, in general, hole inspection needs more experience. , Skilled inspection personnel perform operations to avoid missed inspections and false inspections; at the same time, professionals are also required to perform more accurate image analysis to avoid false inspections and misjudgments of the inspection results, thereby incurring unnecessary additional costs.

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